Travel Plans

Most of June 2010: Dan took a road trip stopping in CO, IL, PA, NY, MD, SC, and FL. Pete prepared for school and visited the beaches of Mexico.

End of June and into July: The brothers headed to Singapore, and Indonesia. UPDATE: Pete heads back to CO to start school. Dan ‘goes bamboo’ and stays in Indonesia…

August into early September:
Dan returns to Singapore, then heads to the Malaysian state of Sabah in Borneo before heading to peninsular Malaysia and Japan.

Back to the real world (maybe)!  At least arrived back to the USA.

What a trip to Asia! Most of October was spent decompressing. Flew to FL at the end of the month…

November and onward:
After arriving in Florida I spent a short time with family and then visited some friends along the way home. Road Trip Round Two was not so much an adventure as it was simply a way to get my car back to CO, but I still had some interesting things happen along the way. November is becoming a milestone. For the most part I’ve sorted out what I’m looking for in life, and now is the time for those ideas to define my life.

Travel plans? I have a few places in mind. At the moment the idea of a short vacation isn’t very appealing. After getting my ‘just go and see what happens’ fix I have some new ideas about travel and new destinations in mind. Basically I need to go to hard to reach places and search out uncommon experiences…I believe that is travel. For the time being, I need to get my feet back on the ground and make my ‘permanent’ life everything I want it to be. In the meantime I will be posting experiences worth reading…new and old.

Summer 2011:
Mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, etc. in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Who says you need to go far to enjoy world class experiences?

October 2011:
I’m starting to feel like a junkie getting desperate for a fix. My dad is coming to visit, then a weekend in California, and a week in Mexico. Will these be enough to satiate the need for travel? Or will they merely serve as a catalyst for more adventure? Time will tell…

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