By chance my brother and I ended up with enough time in summer of 2010 to explore a few small bits of the world.  This blog started as a way to document our travels so friends and family would have an opportunity to see what we are up to. The theme was essentially “We are two brothers in our late 20’s, and this is our adventure.” By the end of the summer I was on my own. The theme changed to “Chasing down whatever I will regret having not done ten years from now.” I find that through travel we encounter interesting people, places, and ideas. This blog is my medium for sharing those encounters. I have had some feedback from people who don’t travel much that have found vicarious enjoyment from my writing. As a result, my goal is to try and take you on a journey through my experiences (and that may or may not be another country). My focus will be on all things which cannot be captured in a photograph.

Disclaimers: This is life. Although you shouldn’t regularly expect to see graphic content, I can’t promise your mother will be happy reading everything I have to say (I am sure there are parts my own mother won’t like!). I will roughly strive for PG-13 content, however the right has been reserved to shamelessly post…well, just about anything. Past the content, the posts here are frequently going to be hastily written rough drafts, not polished writing. I am not a professional writer, so remember you are getting what you pay for. It doesn’t help that this blog does not have a spell-checker and I don’t know that I ever made it past the first round of a spelling bee. With all that said, I hope you enjoy!

ALL CONTENT located on this domain (www.thebluebackpack.com) is copyright Daniel Ritchie 2010.

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  1. Mark Kasmin in Ct. (Lynn's brother........Carla's cousin) says:

    Although I haven’t met you guys……I’ve heard a lot about you via my sister and Cheryl. What a wonderful opportunity and adventure you have undertaken. I look forward to reading your future posts.

    sincerely, Mark Kasnin

  2. Ursula says:

    What a great blog! Rachel pointed me over here and I have loved reading of your travels. Rachel and I are constantly planning our next trip that we can’t afford. If you think Kansas is a bad drive (which it is) try going from Erie, PA to Chicago. BARFtastic. Keep traveling and blogging!


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