The last bamboo

As you read this I am either sitting on the beach, jungle trekking, swimming, snorkeling, or diving at what Lonely Planet calls “Tropical paradise. Full stop.”

The Perhentian_Islands will be my last planned destination in Malaysia. In local currency, I have less than the equivalent of $100 USD in my pocket and I’m drawing the line on withdrawals. I’ve set aside enough cash to get back to Singapore and the island has no ATM’s…so I won’t be able to stay even if I want to. I will attempt to milk cash on hand for as long as I can…could be three days, could be two weeks. There is a clear end to my time here (but don’t worry, I still have plenty of great stories that I will share in weeks to come!).

So why the Perhenthians? It is always an easy choice to immerse ones self in tropical paradise while it is still within reach (believe it or not, I’m still fairly pale). Cheap lodging ($3-7 USD) and the option for camping ($1.50) was another bonus. The food on the island is known to be very expensive by local standards ($5+ per meal), but I still have a few meals surplus left over from Maliau that I have been wondering when I would use. Although getting there will require eight hours on a night bus followed by a few hours waiting for a spot on a speedboat, it is also the place I figured I will most regret not visiting in ten years. Being a top dive destination doesn’t hurt either ($20-30 per dive, or $3/day for snorkeling equipment rental).

I’ve set this up to post while I’m gone, but with very limited internet access it could be a week or more before you hear from me again. I’ll find a fruity drink and think of you all while watching the sunset. This is my chance to say goodbye to the wonders of South East Asia. Soon I will be on my way back to the real world…

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