Buh Bye Borneo

I have left Borneo and am currently in peninsular Malaysia deciding what to do for my ‘last hoorah’ in this country. The sun is setting for this adventure…but the blog will not reflect that.

I can say with confidence that I have a lot of great things to write about. I have been keeping track of it all and will update as I am able, but for now I wanted to let anyone reading this know what to expect. I want to write more when I can curl up around my own computer and really take time to organize ideas. I would also like to offer more than the rough draft that pay-by-the-hour internet terminals encourage.

This trip, especially the last few weeks, has been like tasting exotic fruits for the first time (literally: rambutan, mangostein, and longsan). Although I’d like to share the experience and tell you all about it, my mouth is full. For the moment I am savoring the flavors of adventure. I’d prefer to make regular updates, but that’s difficult without a working laptop and more time (read: money) to stay in each place a bit longer. However, my teeth are sunk into the sweet flesh and the juice is still running down my chin. The fruits are ripe and now is the time to explore. I have been keeping a handwritten journal though, and the time for me to share images and experiences is on the horizon.

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  1. Phil M. says:

    Tasting the forbidden fruit gives on an all new meaning to me. Now it seems more litteral as oppossed the some of the “fruits” i have tasted. Im glad to hear your time is well spent and your having a great and safe trip…aside from your one incident… Both you and your brother. Its amazing to be in another place in the world oppossed to riding around pittsburgh or denver. Looking forward to seeing you once again my friend. I hope u have plenty of photos to show. and on this end i am glad to report the zelda items i had asked you to look out for while in that country are now added in my collection via ebay and private collectors. Alsos glad to say for the most part i got lucky on all prices. Hope you write me back soon bro. Take care and say hello to your brother for me.

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